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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Happyness and Smile

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Happyness and Smile

I am happy today.
For me it is being with my family and knowing that they are safe.

Happiness is contentment, joy, delight. It is a state of mind. It is a phenomenon.

According to a famous philosopher, human beings are eternally involved in the pursuit of happiness. They think it is in acquiring the material things in life.
Another ancient philosophy states, happiness comes with inner peace.

Happiness and Smile go hand in hand. However same is not applicable to the reverse equation.

There are four types of smiles
  1. Genuine smile
  2. Elated smile i.e. a grin
  3. Sad smile
  4. Fake smile 
A Genuine smile reflects the warmth and love in a relation.
An elated smile is a result of an ecstatic state of mind and becomes a little rare as people grow up. A Sad smile as you can interpret is a forced action when one is trying to cope with a situation. However, the most interesting and the widely practiced art of smiling is the fake category and practice makes perfect. It's such a common sight these days that it's difficult to determine which one is real.

If humans are to be categorised in 3 generic terms :-

  1. Optimists
  2. Realists
  3. Pessimists

Then the optimists would be the happiest lot, always finding good in everything and hoping for the best.

The realists would be wary and stingier in letting their hearts open for happiness.

So, keeping this theory in mind, the pessimists must be the saddest lot.

However, we can't categorise human mind in these watertight compartments. Keeping in view that happiness is a relative emotion, it varies from person to person.
Nothing compares to a child's innocent smile and that true feeling hidden behind it.

Well, all said and heard, happiness might not be a constant factor in our daily lives, but a smile sure is. It definitely does light up the day of others, who sometimes may or maynot smile back at us, no matter for the mechanical factor. 

We never have to pursue a smile, it's only happiness that we seek, which ironically, lies hidden within us somewhere!

Happyness and Smile

Happyness and Smile I am happy today. For me it is being with my family and knowing that they are safe. Happiness is content...