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Monday, 23 September 2019

Religion Realization – Study woes

(Me Pages) - Religion Realization – Study woes

A lesson in my 7-year old’s text book deals with the topic of various religious faiths existing in our country. For some reason, she is unable to easily compartmentalize and remember their names, holy books, festivals, places of worship etc. While she is quite good at the other lessons like Food, Safety Rules, etc.

We have been going through the same routine since past two years, learning and re-learning. No matter how much I try and whichever way I try to tell her, it just won’t get into her head because these are just imaginary terms and people for her. They don’t really exist in her world. They are unimportant! (Not that I mean they are)

The kids can only categorize who are friends and who are not. Some are good friends and then some are partners and some are on and off friends.  

That’s her world.

Now my dilemma is how to explain, she is just a kid. Given my opinion, she needn’t even know! When I try to explain the differences, I sound like a pathetic bigot! Even though we don’t go into details, I still feel it’s unfair to discriminate. She has only recently realized which faith we follow but she doesn’t care to remember it at any given time of the day. And I am happy about it. 

My question is, if the school is teaching it, is it correct? Why at this tender age? Why not a little later when the kids are a bit more aware about their environment? Maybe it's only to teach religious tolerance or to appreciate each other as human beings.

I can’t imagine how the other parents do it, but since I wasn’t brought up with the heavy imposition of religious ideas, I am at a loss how to deal with the situation.

We start with – There are people of different religions in India, namely, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians…………….. mumma! And aliens! Aliens are also there, you forgot! And I am like, here goes…..

Back to square one!

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Summer Holiday Fun with Books!

Reading for me is a compulsive hobby. It not only expands the mind's horizon but also gives an insight into a world different than ours. 
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We feel and learn through the characters' emotional journey. It's a door to immense knowledge and entertainment.

And since summer holidays have begun and it's time to indulge in some quality activities and ample reading with my kid. I have decided to go through these precious childhood moments through my child's eyes :)

First, let's go Vintage and why not! There is a whole treasure chest waiting to be opened. Here is my favourite -

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer  by Mark Twain
The topsy-turvy, witty and thrilling journey of an orphan with the spice of relationships highlighting the path. The sweet nuances of a kid's understanding of the world and the urge to explore it, is so well presented by the author that one but falls in love with the characters in the book.

Second one, is our very own evergreen author, Ruskin Bond,

This one is a collection of episodes from the school life of a boy. All the interesting moments of a boarding school, encounters with eccentric characters, the Principal, the school nurse, friends and other such adventures, am sure will make it a joyful read.

Agatha Christie has always been my all time favourite author. This one will be my comfort read. I have already read all the Poirot's cases, so now why not a few of Miss Marple's cases!

That's all for the week!

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Sunday, 7 April 2019

The Nightly Desires

Inspired by Rekha ji's post April- Happy National Poetry Month !!!!
I thought of writing one poem too. This one is a humourous take on the habit of midnight snacking.

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Saturday, 9 March 2019

Religion Realization – Study woes

(Me Pages) - Religion Realization – Study woes A lesson in my 7-year old’s text book deals with the topic of various religious...